Three interesting Sessions from Agile India 2019 (Day 1: Agile Mindset)

Agile India 2019 is over and what a packed event it was, spreading over 7 days with four days for conference and the rest for various workshops. I liked the conference days as every day had a theme I.e. Agile Mindset (Day 1), Business Agility (Day 2), Design Innovation (Day 3) and Continuous Delivery and DevOps (Day 4).

For last few years, rather than trying to be physically at many conferences I try to gain access to online conferences or video sessions from around the world. To be honest I find often conferences are much of the same-ness and therefore online videos allows me to quickly find what is more relevant to my needs. As you know perhaps the era of Netflix, Spotify and Kindle Unlimited has taken over me!

In the below I have summarised three of the sessions from the Day 1 (Agile Mindset) of Agile India 2019, which I have found interesting and informative. I have provided a brief overview to help you to decide if this is relevant to you.
The golden age of Agile Coaching, by Shane Hastie

In this session, Shane Hastie talks about Agile Coaching as a competency and his journey to become an Agile coach. Shane is quite frank in his conversation about the experience levels of Agile coaches and believes it is time that Agile Coaches follow the same ethical standards governing the professional coaches. This will help the industry in the long term. Shane is the Director of Learning at icAgile and is quite informed and knowledgable in this area. A good session for you if you are new of Agile Coaching and exploring to gain more understanding.
10 years of transforming mindset, by Hendrik Esser

Hendrik Esser is an Ericsson veteran and has spend most of this century focussing on agile transformation and getting the Agile Mindset at Ericsson.

In this talk Hendrik shares his last 10-year-experience with facilitating mindset change. He shares several examples of different kinds of people and groups of people he encountered and what he found working to facilitate the mindset change.
Choose your WoW! By Scott Ambler

Scott Ambler talks about how software teams can improve their ways of working on a continuous basis.
In Scott’s words, “We like to say that agile teams own their own process by choosing their way of working, their “WoW.” This of course is easier said than done because there are several aspects to WoW. First, our team needs to know how to choose the appropriate lifecycle for the situation that we face. Should we take a Scrum-based approach, a lean/Kanban-based approach, a continuous delivery approach, or an exploratory/lean startup approach? Second, what practices should the team adopt? How do they fit together? When should we apply them? Third, what artifacts should the team create? When should they be created? To what level of detail? Finally, how do we evolve our WoW as we experiment and learn?

Scott tries to answer these questions in his session and I found this an interesting session.

There were many more sessions on Day 1 of Agile India, however I found these more interesting and hence presented to you.

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